Sunday, May 18, 2014

HEAD GAMES: My first eBook for sale at Amazon.

I have my first eBook up for sale at Amazon. The name of the book is "Head Games." I just put this up yesterday afternoon and it already has some sales before I've even had a chance to promote it at TG Comics, here or on my Twitter account, which really shocked me. I'm very excited to begin self-publishing and hope to have some more of my finished stories up for sale soon.

Story Description:

Five friends abducted by aliens try to escape captivity with the assistance of two less than helpful strangers. With their heads separated from their bodies and attached to strange machinery, an unexpected malfunction starts a chain of events that leads to their escape. But at what price? Not all of them will live, while some that do will find their lives transformed forever.

(Trangender Erotic Fiction, Approximately 42,300 words)

As is normal with Amazon, the first 10% of the book is up for preview so you can read some of the story for free. Go check it out!

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