Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Story Recommendation: "Just Pretending" by Varian Milagro

I don't normally recommend other author's stories. In fact, this may be a first. However, I'm recommending "Just Pretending"  by Varian Milagro over at Fictionmania. You can my review of the story at the site, but it has spoilers. I suggest you just take my word and go check it out.

As a time saver, here's the story's blurb from FM:

"A poorly worded wish on a birthday candle bought at Spells R Us turns Keith into Kaylee. Now, except Keith and his best friend Seth, everyone remembers him as always being Kaylee. Keith has no clue how to be a girl and the store has vanished. Can Keith fake it long enough until he finds the store again?"

Sometimes a blurb makes a story seem more interesting than it actually is. In this case, it doesn't really do the story justice. The friendship is deep and believable. While the physical transformation is near instantaneous, the more gradual transformation of young man into young woman is far more subtle. I would go so far as to state that it is one of the best mental transformation stories I've read in a long time. Maybe ever.

Yes, it really is that good.

What are you still doing here? Stop reading my dumb blog and go check out the story!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

TG Forums Shut Down January 2014

Good for you, Femur! (Yes, I know it's supposed to be a lowercase "f.") You rock! I doubt shutting the forum down will teach the offending parties any manners, but it still made me sit up and cheer. You seldom use your power, but when you do, it is always on the side of basic manners and decency. That's a rare thing in these days of "shoot from the lip" (lip, not hip) blogging where snark is confused for quality.

Job well done!